Caturday: lazy summer afternoons

Summer, the way it should be… Until we point the Bodmobile to points North like Mendocino county, the pointy eared folks continue to “grace” us with their homebound antics.

Nurse Jenny, taking Mazuzu’s pulse:

Jenny nursing Kitsy
His BP’s trending normal, doctor…

Mazuzu’s rear end is about to receive some ‘unwelcome’ attention, but those nether regions require regular cleaning he fails to provide for himself. Let’s just say his eyes are about to go big.

Cool Mazuzu gets a bath
Keeping it cool

Meanwhile, gentleman Tito tries to entertain Jenny with bird watching, despite his audience’s seeming lack of interest.

Tito plays the musical blinds
Tito playing “the maiden and the nightingale” on musical blinds

This summer is unfortunately a sobering time as well, with fires,  unpredictable winds and storms displacing many, destroying homes and lives. We have friends currently threading through very dire straits and they are foremost in our thoughts.

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