Windmills and a Sunset: Part 1

In a previous post, I had discussed the newly restored Murphy windmill at Golden Gate Park. The other day, while we were out, we went to Sutro Heights. I wanted to get a photo showing the Dutch Windmill and the Murphy Windmill in the same photo.

Sutro Heights
The Dutch Windmill (left foreground) and the Murphy Windmill (back right)

With that accomplished we walked over toward the parapet to look out over the Pacific Ocean. That is when we realized that the sunset might be a good one. We headed down to  Ocean Beach to watch. It was beautiful.

Sutro Heights
Sunset and Ocean Beach from Sutro Heights
Ocean Beach
Sunset and surfers at Ocean Beach
Ocean beach
Ocean beach and sunset watchers
Ocean Beach
Surfer and sunset at Ocean Beach

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3 Replies to “Windmills and a Sunset: Part 1”

    1. I really enjoyed the contrast between the warm glow of the sky against the cool silver-blue of the ocean, quite the spectacle…

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