A Little Humpday Humor and Inspiration

I couldn’t resist a bit of humor today. Simon’s Cat is always a bit of fun. Kitsy would do this, I’m sure. Tito is polite, but Kitsy is a food thief extraordinaire. You can NEVER turn your back on food when he’s around.

For a little inspiration, here is a video from Best Friends Animal Shelter in Kanab, Utah. One day, Lastech and I will manage to go visit the shelter.  Dogtown, which is shown on the National Geographic Channel is filmed there.  It is the largest animal shelter in the United States.

I just have to add a little bit of doggie to the mix.


For anyone who is a fan of Sphynx kitties, Nofuratu has a new post about his trip to New Orleans in his blog, Adventures of a Naked Cat.

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