Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!.  Rather than go into the history of this day,  I’m going to talk about my love:  I met Lastech back in November of 2001.  He cracked a joke about cats and that was all she wrote.  LOL!  We’ve been together since.  I had to wait until middle age to find him, but you won’t hear me complain.

Soooooooo I’m going to post a vid or two.  They best express how I feel.

The first is by Barry Louis Polisar, who writes children’s songs and this one was used in the movie “Juno”.   My hope for today is that our readers have as much happiness as we do.

Note: In spite of what you see on the video, Rod McKuen did NOT write this song. He translated it from the French. The song was written by Jaques Brel.  I couldn’t find an embed of it that was good enough.  Dame Shirley Bassey did an excellent cover of the song.

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