Cat Occult: Astral Dejections

Mazuzu: Loves seafood, loves to dance

The darker side of living with a Sphynx, when the madness courses through his veins and he chases the invisible…
On a couple occasions now, Mazuzu let out a blood-curling growl long and deep enough to make the rest of us look at each other and ask in hushed tones “did you hear that?!?”
That’s a new and a bit unwelcome addition to his ‘klakk-klakking” Predator sounds.
Okay, so we truly do live in the jungle, Jurassic Park-like…
And he does look at times like those small rodent looking dinosaurs who ate Newman from Seinfeld after he got out of his Jeep.
But he doesn’t venture into the valleys, no, he sticks with the high-ground at night, meaning us.
It wouldn’t be so bad if his balance was better, or his weight distribution more even, but as he walks on top of us, his paws dig into the flesh, and he then stands atop a shoulder like some Swiss dude in a Ricola commercial, except for some pathetic moans as though he were cold. But if you try to pull him down under covers, he might stay a minute licking himself making strange sounds…. Fnar- Fnar-Shog-shoggoth, as though reciting to…. Cthulu?!? Before bolting out for round two. Or five.
Oh, and the reason he chases the invisible? Because if he could catch it he would snarf it in one big snort.

Cthulu beware: you’re just calamari to Mazuzu.

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De Felis Catus Mysterii

a : the action of reincarnating : the state of being reincarnated b : rebirth in new bodies or forms of life; especially : a rebirth of a soul in a new human body
: a fresh embodiment with tuna breath…

The chiseled face, the wrinkles...
Gotta be it

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Friday Night Cat Blogging: my lovelies

It’s Friday and time for the boys to shine.

We wound up getting a dog bed with high sides on it for the computer desk.  Both cats like to sleep there, but they kept rolling off the desk.  This way, they can sleep safely and I don’t have a heart attack when they crash.

Tito is making the most of the new bed. I get sleepy just looking at him.
Tito is making the most of the new bed. I get sleepy just looking at him.
Kitsy is showing off his pretty eyes and lovely wrinkles
Kitsy is showing off his pretty eyes and lovely wrinkles

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Friday night cat blogging

A tad late today, we have been celebrating hubby’s newly found employment after almost 6 months of wandering through the wilderness.
Though we are celebrating, it is with some sober consideration for millions of other Americans who are either still out of work or losing their job.

Big brother watching over naked brother
Taking care of one another

And that’s our lesson for tonight, folks.

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When the nitty gets gritty. Real gritty…

The more I read on Sphynxes, the more I get to understand how typical Mazuzu Whang is… I’m beginning to think of him as our Sphynxy-pooh.

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Where was I? Yes. I came across this:
sphynxforum (requires membership)

And it was comforting to know Mazuzu’s butt-in-the-face wake up call is not of his own invention. It appears these cats need a back up alarm like trucks, so any inventors out there, take note..!
I’d wondered how to tackle this subject but now I realize I’m not alone, I’ll try to ‘splain.
Mazuzu maneuvers in strange ways… When I reach out to pet him, instead of leaning into my hand, he will back up. Without looking of course.
His tail is always up like a whip antenna, which I gather is a sign of contentment, and yes okay, I’m grateful for that, butt…. (pun intended)

Does this towel make my butt look big?

That means he, ummm, “contacts” places and things I wish he wouldn’t. I’ve learned to reach from the side and give his flank some scritches to foil the dreaded maneuver.
In a previous post I mentioned it’d be good to stock up on baby wipes, because that butt is gonna need the occasional “once over”.
As in when we give Mazuzu a bath, he straightens out his legs, toes splayed up, knowing his nether regions are going to get cleaned, and I can read his expression:
“Ye gads! NO! GOD NO! Stay away from there!”
But we’re done before he knows it…
Now, before I got used to his “antics”, meaning I learned to sleep with one eye open, the infamous plug incident happened.

On this particular night, I felt him stir between us. Didn’t realize he was moving.
I opened an eye.
My brain tried to make sense of what was happening.
I tried to make out his face but that wasn’t what I was seeing. Before I could even begin to understand, he shoved his butt up my right nostril.
I compensated for my stomach beginning to heave by accelerating towards the bathroom at warp 9 point 8, grabbed the hand-washing soap, upended it and squirted up my nose, resulting in pain beyond the worst brain-freeze I ever felt.

Once it all became clear, my wife couldn’t stop laughing and Mazuzu stopped licking his extended hind leg to look at me as though I was crazy.
I’d rather have locked lips with a jumping crocodile. So beware the butt-in-the-face wake up call…

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