Offbeat comedies: with fruitcakes and assorted nuts

… Which you owe it to yourself to sample, especially during the holidays.
The first one should appeal to the nerd in all of us:

Gentlemen Broncos” – (2009, USA, 90 minutes – PG-13)

Benjamin Purvis (Michael Angarano) is a home schooled teenager living in a small town with his mother Judith (Jennifer Coolidge, also known as Stifler’s mom in the “American pie” comedies).

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Midnight Movie Madness: “Sukiyaki Western Django” avatar of Yojimbo

Sukiyaki Western Django” – (2007, Japan, 121 minutes – rated R)

A gunfighter arrives in a small town divided between two powerful and vicious clans, the Whites and the Reds. You’re right: you’ve seen this before in “Yojimbo”, “last man standing” and others…

Watch the trailer:

What sets “Sukiyaki western Django” apart, then, is director Takashi Miike’s style. Visually, it looks like a very colorful dream, with that “photoshopped” quality many movies have nowadays, with high contrast and bright hues.

Tarantino feeling lucky

It has been called visually stunning, but I think that’s overstating it, just as “Avatar” felt to me like watching a fancy screensaver for almost three hours.

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It’s a bird, it’s a turkey: it’s Lastech on a plane!

I don’t like flying, it makes me nervous and cranky… I hadn’t flown since, oh, 2002. You’d think perhaps I would bring a book onboard and try to distract myself, but no…

I prefer to let my mind wander about the aircraft. How long has it been since they banned smoking on planes? Sometime in the ‘80s, wasn’t it? So why do they still have the “no smoking” icon overhead? And no flat screen TVs, old cathode tube units instead. Hmmmm. Just how old are those planes, anyway, I wondered, glancing nervously at the wing flexing at 39000 feet.

In this 1960’s décor of cream and gray plastic, I tried to imagine myself as Dave Bowman on the shuttle to the moon, but no dice.

Kinda like that, but cramped...

Funny how some pilots are smoother than others, and how you can tell by the way they land and take off.

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From creature-features to funny commercials: JBoD’s Sunday funnies

While Lastech was off shaving, I discovered that his post from earlier in the day had vanished. I noticed because the comments for it had become attached to another post and I was forced to delete them lest confusion reign. Very strange. I managed to go find it as one of Google’s cached pages and rescued it. Here it is again. 🙂 -Rudha-an

While inspired by Rhuda-an’s “guide to survival“, I wanted to work up a post about what to take on road trips to cover most emergencies.
As I ran through lists of items with shelf-life of varying length, a pain to keep track of and replace, a light bulb came on about an “organic” solution. All you’d ever need is a Trunk Monkey.
Watch the commercial, then enjoy the other two.

Like seafood? And “Kung Fu Panda”? You’re not alone.

“Bug”, a disturbing drama directed by William Orkin.

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“Wasting away”: cute? Zombie? Comedy? Why, yes!

Cute couple, innit?

Wasting away” is also available under the alternate title “Aaah! Zombies!!” and takes a page from “return of the living dead”, scripted and directed by Dan O’Bannon whose prolific career includes collaboration with John Carpenter on “Dark Star”, Ronald Shusett on “Alien”, adapting and scripting “total recall” and another obscure little film titled “screamers” based on a Philip K. Dick story “second variety”. “Wasting away”, then, begins with a military transport dumping its load of chemical containers filled with failed research fluids, originally intended to create super-soldiers, but really turning them into raving zombies.

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Saturday funnies

I want to apologize to our readers.  Lastech started a new job which has cut into his blogging time for the moment.  In addition, we’re helping a friend pack up for a move.  We should resume a more normal schedule shortly.  In the meantime, here’s a good laugh for you.

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Midnight Movie Madness

Fido” – (93 minutes, USA 2006)

“What is it boy? Is Timmy in trouble?”

In these alternative 1950s, after the “zombie wars”, life resumed in America within fenced in communities managed and policed by a corporation named Zomcon (zombie containment is their motto). Hordes of ‘untamed’ zombies roam the zones outside the communities’ perimeter, while within, domesticated zombies wearing electronic shock-collars serve the living delivering milk, papers, mowing lawns and acting as household help, etc.

Neighborhood watch

In order to keep up with the neighbors, Helen Robinson (Carrie Ann Moss) buys a domesticated zombie helper (Billy Connolly), much to her neurotic husband’s (Dylan Baker) dismay. Bill Robinson has a serious phobia of zombies since childhood, when his dad and uncle tried to eat his brain.
Certainly a very sore subject around the dinner table.
Bill is distant with his son Timmy (Kesun Loder) and pretty sadistic towards the zombie helper, zapping him for the slightest reason, and repeatedly. Timmy decides to call the zombie Fido and the two become friends, inasmuch as you can with a Z-dude.

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Monday is Columbus Day

Hmmm… Since Monday’s a holiday (happy Columbus day everyone), no mail, no Netflix. No matter, I do have a film to review for Wednesday’s Midnight Movie Madness. Woof!

Meanwhile: the postman always shoots twice.

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