Of birdies big and small and a basement kitty update

My apologies to everyone. We just haven’t been able to update the blog the way we like. Hopefully, we’ll do better in the future. Yesterday afternoon and this morning, we managed to for a walk out at Lands End and we came across two beautiful birds. Yesterday, we were down at Sutro Baths when we came across a Great Blue Heron.

Great Blue Heron
I see a silhouette of a …oops wrong song

Great Blue Heron

This morning, we went back to Lands End, but took another trail. I hadn’t gone far when I spied this little hummingbird.

Hummingbird just sitting on a twig


And now for the basement kitty update. Titan of the White Whisker is doing just fine. For the first two days, he did the senior cat’s version of “get off my lawn!!!”. But he’s much happier now. No more growling. He’s eating well and he’s very happy to see us. I think that by the weekend, he may be ready to sniff noses (very carefully) with Tito. If there’s no hissing, we’ll let them meet up a bit closer.  We won’t try to go too fast though. Tito and Miss Jenny are no longer giving us the stink eye.  🙂

Titan of the White Whisker resting on his pink panther blanket

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