Thinking of a friend

On Thursday, a friend of mine is having surgery. To help her fight the “hospital blues”, here is a bit of peace and some cuteness before she heads in :).

My friend, I know you’re a wee bit nervous. A pretty garden is what you need.

Japanese Tea Garden
Drum Bridge
Japanese Tea Garden
Sunlight through the leaves

We’ll be here if you need us, you’ve only to holler.

Gosling getting a snuggle
Gosling getting a snuggle

While in the hospital try to be calm.

Calm Gosling

If you DO get your feathers ruffled, it’s ok to yell a bit.

Pissy Gosling

Soon you’ll be afloat again


…and you’ll be able to turn your back on this whole ordeal…

Cygnet butt

…and go back to being the swan we know you are.


We’re not done yet. The furkids have a message for you. From Tito

Give your kitty some belly rubs. If your kitty doesn't like them, I'll come and you can rub mine. Purrrrrrrrrrrrr
Give your kitty some belly rubs. If your kitty doesn’t like them, I’ll come and you can rub mine. Kitty purrs will help you heal faster. Purrrrrrr

From Miss Jenny

Miss Jenny
Get better fast. If you do, I’ll teach you the art of tater tossing. Hmrow Purrrr

From Titanescu aka Titanus Grumpicus Bunny Butt

Повинуются врачи! Выздоравливай!

While you are recovering, but sure to take time to smell the flowers. Zen 1 Zen 2 Zen 3 I said smell the flowers darn it! NO weed pulling!

Glaring goose
Don’t MAKE me come up there!!!

Love, hugs, purrs, and bonks from us to you.

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