“The girl with the dragon tattoo”: dark and potent Swedish roast

The girl with the dragon tattoo” – (2009, Sweden, 152 minutes – rated R)

This is a foray into the monstrosities men commit, with an unusual protagonist who herself has been mauled by such, yet has the brass to fight back…
A previous Swedish film, “let the right one in”, got us curious about cinema from that part of Europe: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and their neighbor to the Southwest, the Netherlands.

Watch the trailer:

We catch episodes of the police drama “Wallander”, either the Swedish version or the British production with Kenneth Branagh in the title role on a local station.

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De Felis Catus Mysterii

a : the action of reincarnating : the state of being reincarnated b : rebirth in new bodies or forms of life; especially : a rebirth of a soul in a new human body
: a fresh embodiment with tuna breath…

The chiseled face, the wrinkles...
Gotta be it

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Midnight Movie Madness: “Sukiyaki Western Django” avatar of Yojimbo

Sukiyaki Western Django” – (2007, Japan, 121 minutes – rated R)

A gunfighter arrives in a small town divided between two powerful and vicious clans, the Whites and the Reds. You’re right: you’ve seen this before in “Yojimbo”, “last man standing” and others…

Watch the trailer:

What sets “Sukiyaki western Django” apart, then, is director Takashi Miike’s style. Visually, it looks like a very colorful dream, with that “photoshopped” quality many movies have nowadays, with high contrast and bright hues.

Tarantino feeling lucky

It has been called visually stunning, but I think that’s overstating it, just as “Avatar” felt to me like watching a fancy screensaver for almost three hours.

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Friday Night Cat Blogging: my lovelies

It’s Friday and time for the boys to shine.

We wound up getting a dog bed with high sides on it for the computer desk.  Both cats like to sleep there, but they kept rolling off the desk.  This way, they can sleep safely and I don’t have a heart attack when they crash.

Tito is making the most of the new bed. I get sleepy just looking at him.
Tito is making the most of the new bed. I get sleepy just looking at him.
Kitsy is showing off his pretty eyes and lovely wrinkles
Kitsy is showing off his pretty eyes and lovely wrinkles

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It’s a bird, it’s a turkey: it’s Lastech on a plane!

I don’t like flying, it makes me nervous and cranky… I hadn’t flown since, oh, 2002. You’d think perhaps I would bring a book onboard and try to distract myself, but no…

I prefer to let my mind wander about the aircraft. How long has it been since they banned smoking on planes? Sometime in the ‘80s, wasn’t it? So why do they still have the “no smoking” icon overhead? And no flat screen TVs, old cathode tube units instead. Hmmmm. Just how old are those planes, anyway, I wondered, glancing nervously at the wing flexing at 39000 feet.

In this 1960’s décor of cream and gray plastic, I tried to imagine myself as Dave Bowman on the shuttle to the moon, but no dice.

Kinda like that, but cramped...

Funny how some pilots are smoother than others, and how you can tell by the way they land and take off.

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Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park: The Aquatic Gallery

Previously, I posted Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park: Highland Tropics. You can find all the previous Conservatory posts here. This time we have made our way to the last section, the Aquatic Plant Gallery.

Anyone who comes to San Francisco should try to find the time to visit the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. Opened to the public 1879, it is the oldest building in the park. It houses around 1700 plant species. The orchid collection is said to be one of the best.

Pitcher Plant
Pitcher Plant


The Conservatory of Flowers is located at 100 John F. Kennedy Drive. It is accessible for motorized and non motorized wheelchairs. Strollers are not permitted inside, but there is a place to park them while you explore. As it is a greenhouse, it will be quite warm and humid inside. As it can be rather cold outside, be sure to wear removable layers. It is open Tuesday thru Sunday from 10am to 4:30pm. The cost is $7 for adults, $5 for ages 12-17, seniors 65 & over, and college students with school ID. $2 for children 5 – 11 and free for children 4 and under. Local residents receive a discount with proof of residency.

Note: On Sundays, John F. Kennedy Drive is closed to vehicular traffic. For those who don’t mind walking, you can just park on Martin Luther King Drive and walk to the Conservatory.

Today we’re visiting the Aquatic Plant Gallery. This section features lily ponds, carnivorous pitcher plants, and a whole host of bromeliads. I must admit that this was my favorite section, by far. I don’t know the names of a lot of the plants and flowers I’m posting, so if you know, feel free to comment and I’ll update accordingly.

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A Video for Cat Lovers, but especially for Flumptytail

Yes, this vid is for Sphynx lovers too.

Our friend Flumptytail is a cat lover.  She has single handedly taken the “trap, neuter, spay” thing to heart.  She has 28 kitties who are ferals and strays.  She has spayed and neutered every one of them and feeds them all.  Her story makes us feel all warm inside as she is doing something rather than just talking about it.

This video is documentary about Jake Perry, a Texan who gave Crème Puff some of her best years.  Creme Puff is in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the oldest kitty.  This man has rescued scores of kitties and even shows them, when he can.  He has had two of the longest lived cats ever. His love of kitties is so very apparent.

Yes Flumptytail, this vid is dedicated to you and all your kitties.

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Felis Catus’ visual acumen: the Wayfarer-Oakley effect

Research continues into the extremes of violence demonstrated by Mazuzu Whang whilst at play.

I have posted before in “Dance Hall Days” about his tendency to not only chase a laser dot on the floor, but to absolutely obliterate it. I’ve also observed his disregard for human comfort or safety when chasing or being chased by Tito, bouncing off us at high speed while we sleep…

I now think we may have an explanation for this Clockwork Orange level of violence.

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