JBoD friend Nofuratu is on a fundraising mission

We have just received 5 autographed photos from the famous cat blogger, Nofuratu. It’s so exciting to be acknowledged by such an important celebrity.

Famous kitty autographs
Many thanks to Nofur, his siblings, and his mom and dad for the wonderful signed photos.

We discovered his blog Adventures of a Naked Cat a couple of years ago, and he inspired us to adopt our own naked kitty, Kitsune. Sadly, we lost our sweet boy to FIP. However, we still follow and adore Nofur and his siblings.

Please Note: The following photos are owned by Nofuratu and used  with his permission.

Nofur is a daring adventurer and activist. You can read about his adventures at his blog. Right now, he’s on a fundraising mission. He is going to participate in the CA-R-MA walk.

ca-r-ma walk
According to Nofur, this kitty is named Pebbles and she won first place for raising $640 in pledges last year.

CA-R-MA stands for CAt Rescue MAritimes.
From their homepage:

Cat Rescue Maritimes strives to improve the lives of the homeless cats around us. Our immediate goal is to humanely reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens dying needless premature deaths and to place non-feral homeless cats and kittens in responsible homes. We accomplish this by operating TNR (Trap Neuter Return) programs where colonies of stray, abandoned and feral cats exist under the care of a care giver. We also assist care givers in providing food, shelter and minor medical care for animals in their colonies.

Nofur working extra hard this time because it became very personal. CA-R-MA assisted his family when they wound up with two stray moms with kittens (10 in all). CA-R-MA neutered and spayed four of the kitties and Nofur’s family managed to find homes for all of them. That was nothing short of amazing. Nofur is working very hard to help them in return. Nofur is receiving pledges at his mom’s PayPal account:

If you can find it in your heart to donate, please do so. Nofur only has 5 more days for pledges.

This isn’t Nofur’s first walk. He made a blog post about last year’s walk here.

CA-R-MA walk
Here is Nofur wearing his Team Azrael T-shirt (made by his daddy) and his cool sweatbands that his mom got for him. He’s quite the athlete.

I’m sure that any pledges will be greatly appreciated by Nofur and his family. JBoD managed a small donation. We’re hoping that some of our readers can too.

JBoD Thanks you

Here are a few of my favorite Nofur blog posts.

Moncton “River of Pride” Parade

A Well Planned Wedding – 5 Meows

Naked at Green Gables

These are just a few of our favorites. There are plenty more adventures to read about. Nofur has been to New Orleans and to The Desert of Maine and other exciting places. You can also visit his Facebook page.

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