JBoD’s Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – How on Earth do you pronounce your names?

A – Rudha-an, “the Red”, is pronounced Roo-ann. Kitsune,    Kit-soo-neh, Lastech: Lass-tek, and Tito, well, you really ought to have figured it out.

Q – What is JBoD’s format exactly?

A – Adventures through time and space, partly inspired by “the Mighty Boosh”, with commentaries, personal musings inviting your comments and media reviews thrown in.

Q – If the name Kitsune applies to a fox in Japanese mythology, why name a Sphynx cat this way?

A – Because the character traits attributed to Kitsune fit the naked bugger. Besides, the name just sounds good for the exotic, lewd and loud, hairless creature.

Q – Will Kitsune ever run for office?

A – That’s not where true power resides. Besides, he has a record, even though he did get the charge reduced to tail-gating…

Q – Are Tito and Kitsy the inspiration for JellyBeansofDoom?

A – Partly, yes of course. But in spirit, it really began with the Booberino, our Burmese we lost to Lymphoma.

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