Spoofing old horror: “creatures of the Pink lagoon”

“Creatures of the Pink lagoon” – (2006, USA, 71 minutes – NR)

Sometimes trying to decide on a good movie to review doesn’t mean the movie has to be all that great. I think there should be something interesting about it which doesn’t necessarily figure in the budget number, cast or other factor, since the review is always going to be subjective after all.

It’s black & white, not in color!

And since I’ve been fighting the flu most of the week, with cocktails of Sudafed and Vodka, I got in the mood for some silliness.

Creatures of the Pink lagoon” is an interesting concept, a campy satire of both gay and horror genre stereotypes directed by Chris Diani and co-written with Basil Harris.

Watch the trailer (Warning: Not Safe For Work):

The premise is typical: sometime in 1967 (a year before “night of the living dead” came out) a local chemical plant contaminates the Pink Lagoon, mosquitoes (flies?) mutate and sting unsuspecting gays cruising the infamous rest stop 5, turning them into zombies.
The jokes and references begin early: we open at a cemetery, with a burial. After the widow retires and the ‘mourners’ go their own way, we find out through their gossiping that the deceased was a member of the ‘lavender elite’, amongst other choice (and creative) euphemisms.

That’s not a gun, that’s a toy!

Naturally, once everybody’s cleared out, a hand breaks through the plot’s dirt, then goes limp at the wrist.
Did I mention the entire film is in black & white?
Creatures of the Pink Lagoon” has plenty of jokes which kind of work. They probably would have worked better if the cast and crew had more time (read: money) for rehearsals: this movie is dialogue-heavy, with a sizeable ensemble.
The acting is not bad but really would have benefited from additional readings.
Yes, some gags are raunchy, such as the zombie moving towards his cowering victim on rest stop 5, dropping his pants and his ‘appendage’ falls off. Although, while you clearly understand what just happened, the scene is not graphic in any way.

The features’ creatures

By comparison, “Monsturd” fell flat with clunkers or at best, groaners.
Creatures of the Pink lagoon” is worth considering for a group viewing at a party, although you’d be likely to miss some of the dialogue, and at 71 minutes it knows to not drag on too long.
The “lavender elite” indeed…
Creatures of the Pink lagoon” gets 3 jellybeans.

3 beans

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